12 Coconut Oil Usage Tips (as submitted by iHerb customers)

Coconut oil is definitely something that has many uses, both edible and non-edible.  So when we asked iHerb customers on our Facebook page for quick and easy tips on how they use coconut oil, we were amazed by some of the suggestions.  In fact, we loved what our iHerb customers had to say about this versatile product so much, we are sharing 12 of our favorite tips below.

  1. I melt coconut oil in a warm glass container and add a couple chocolate chips or even just powdered cocoa, a couple drops of vanilla stevia or xylitol, then I pour it into a small plastic tray and freeze. In half an hour you have healthy chocolate brittle. Break into pieces and enjoy throughout the day. Curves the sugar cravings and coconut oil boosts metabolism! ~Simone A.
  2. Coconut oil is wonderful for applying on cuts and scratches in lieu of antibiotic ointment. After washing the area with soap and water, dry and gently rub on some coconut oil and cover with a bandaid. Coconut oil soothes the skin and its unique properties heal. ~Tarryn R.
  3. I’ve been buying this product for years! My Tip: When needing to grease a pan for baking cakes or brownies, instead of shortening or cooking spray, use some coconut oil rubbed thoroughly on the pan and you can even flour dust over it. I used it for a bundt cake pan and even with all the ridges I was scared it wasn’t going to come out intact….and when i flipped the cake over, it was absolutely beautiful. ~Jennifer G.
  4.  It’s a good insect repellent. I mix coconut oil with peppermint oil extract and rub it all over exposed skin. It keeps insects off. ~Fung Yah H.
  5. I mix coconut oil with a little bit of lemon juice to polish wood furniture. However, I recommend you test it first on a very small, unobtrusive part of your furniture to make sure it works the way you’d like. ~Sai T.
  6. I use it for so many things, but my favorite is as a face wash. I rub it in all over my face massaging it in for a few minutes, then take a warm wet cloth and wipe it off. It leaves a thin moisturizing film that is lovely. I haven’t washed my face with soap or cleanser in over 5 years! ~Shannon L.
  7. I use it to my outdoor cats paws, it is absolutely great and when cats lick them they’ll get all the good inner benefits also. Very good to all animals! ~Nana S.
  8.  Coconut Oil is excellent for your feet! After a foot bath, rub generous amounts of coconut oil on your feet, put them in separate plastic bags, then put on a pair of socks and go to bed. After a good night’s sleep your feet will be amazingly soft and nourished. ~Hanne T.
  9. I use it as a gentle eye make up remover, works much better than anything I’ve ever tried and it takes it off fast! ~Christy G.
  10. It’s excellent when used as a hair pre-wash conditioner. Apply to the scalp 20 – 30 minutes before washing or, for best results, leave on overnight (placing a clean towel on your pillow to protect it) and wash out the oil in the morning with a toxin free shampoo. ~Wai Ha Y.
  11. Just this week, I discovered coconut oil works to relieve and clear up pink eye! Our boys came down with pink eye and I warmed some oil and used it as drops in their eyes. Their eyes have not bothered them and the goop cleared up. It’s great stuff! ~Rebecca W.
  12. We use it for “oil swishing”~take a spoonful and swish it around in your mouth like mouthwash for 20 minutes a day. Helps with tooth decay, gum disease, and is supposed to pull toxins out of your body. My sons doesn’t have tooth aches anymore since starting and it removed a bunch of tartar buildup for me. ~Spunky D.

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