Microwave Popcorn: Delicious but Dangerous?

Microwave Popcorn_Delicious but Dangerous

Today, many of us are looking for ways to cut our risks of cancer and other health conditions. We’re getting serious about eating healthier and cutting out the foods and substances that could pose a health risk while adding in foods that can boost our health.

One of these potentially harmful foods is microwavable popcorn.

There are some alarming health dangers related to microwavable popcorn. Two of the most dangerous substances in microwavable popcorn are Diacetyl and perfluorooctanoic acid, or C8. These harmful chemicals cause serious damage to lung function when inhaled.

Tests have demonstrated that the fumes from these chemicals, when cooked in the microwavable bag, were comparable to those found in popcorn factories. Inhaling these chemicals is extremely risky. Diacetyl and C8 actually do more harm when inhaled rather than ingested. There are known cases and resulting lawsuits from long-term inhalation of these chemicals. The lung damage caused by this inhalation is referred to as “popcorn lung.”

So, if you’re a popcorn lover, what can you do? The best thing to do is avoid microwavable popcorn altogether. Instead, use a stove top method or a popcorn popper. There are many brands of poppers that fit any need or budget.

However, if you feel that you must have the convenience of popcorn that you can make in the microwave, get an organic brand that is chemical-free. Even then, don’t inhale the steam when you open the bag.

There’s no need to completely forgo the pleasure of eating popcorn because of the health dangers of microwavable popcorn. You can still enjoy one of your favorite snacks and stay healthy!

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