How to Substitute Olive Oil for Butter in Baking

How to Substitute Olive OIl for Baking

Substitutions are becoming a prominent issue for many eaters as they explore healthy choices. Using oil to replace butter is a quick and easy step in turning unhealthy recipes into great dishes that compliment any diet. Following these tips can help:

Use a Conversion Chart

Conversion charts are a great way to ensure that the proper amounts of olive oil are used during substitution. These items can be printed out or kept on media such as smartphones for quick access at any time. Remember that this option often does not consider other variables such as different cooking times or other ingredient changes.

Butter to Olive Oil Conversion

Spread on Pans and Baking Sheets

Cooks often use butter to grease pans before adding batter or mixtures. This method presents more calories than previously calculated. Olive oil can easily replace the fatty substance while providing a bolder taste. Take a small basting brush and cover it in just enough oil to leave a thin layer across the entire surface. It is now ready for any type of baking.

Virgin or Extra Virgin Olive Oil Are Both Acceptable Options

Many people think that their choice of olive oil makes a difference in substitutions. There is actually no wrong answer as to which item is best in regards to baking, although a mild flavored olive oil is most versatile. Both virgin and extra virgin oils offer a great taste as well as a dedicated base for fare. The major difference in this matter is price. Extra virgin brands may be priced higher than virgin selections.

Olive oil is a great substitution for baking. This nutritious option provides valuable antioxidants as well as other features that may help prevent serious issues such as heart attacks. Just replacing a few recipes that call for butter can lead to better health.

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4 Responses to How to Substitute Olive Oil for Butter in Baking

  1. Leigh Fitzgerald

    Thank you so much for this article. I have wanted this information for so long. I am now going to make myself a laminated card to keep with my cook books to make life easier.

  2. brandon

    Natural saturated fats (like butter and coconut oil) are good for you. Just Google the truth about saturated fat. Man-made saturated fats (hydrogenated oils) are what have given saturated fats their undeserved bad name.

    Olive oil is a healthy fat, but is less stable in its molecular structure than butter. This means that butter is the healthier cooking oil option because olive oil is more likely to turn rancid under the heat of cooking. Rancid fats have been linked to cancers and other health issues.
    There’s no need to be afraid of natural saturated fats.

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